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Prep tan care

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate - To Make Your Tan Last Longer!

  • To be completely prepared for your spray tan, you need to exfoliate the day before your tan using an exfoliating mitt. DO NOT exfoliate with oil-based sugar scrubs.
  • Shave or Wax at least 24 hours prior to your appointment using oil-free products.
  • Schedule hair, eye, and spa treatments (including manicures, and pedicures) at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, or at least 24 hours after your spray tan.
  • DO Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing - NO tight leggings or jeans.
  • Shower at least two hours before your appointment DO NOT apply makeup, perfume, body or face moisturizer, or deodorant.
  • DO NOT use any Dove products before or after the tan.
  • MEN and MINORS: Must wear the appropriate attire for your spray tan session: swimwear, boxers, or thong.
  • LADIES you can wear pants, thong, bikini, swimsuit or you can go nude.
  • DO REMEMBER FLIP FLOPS or SLIDERS - Tights shoes will mark if worn immediately after a tan.

Post tan care

  • DO NOT shower for at least 2 - 6 hrs after your spray tan. I will advise you on the day how long to leave your tan.
  • DO NOT wash your hands or get them wet for at least 2- 4 hours. Use rubber gloves if you have to use the sink for anything.
  • DO Wear loose-fitting dark clothing and you MUST AVOID socks until the tan fully develops. The solution washes off most fabrics, but DO NOT wear wool, silk, nylon, or anything red immediately after. (Red dye can affect spray tanning solutions)
  • Avoid rain (if possible) until after your first warm water rinse. Make sure you have an umbrella & watch for puddles and getting splashed!
  • If you have pets DO NOT let them lick you.
  • AVOID any skin to skin contact until after your first shower as it can cause the spray tan to rub off
    When you first shower ONLY use your hand with NO detergents to wash off the carrying colour, pat dries DO NOT rub, and moisturise.
  • DO NOT use Baby oil, Mineral oil, or Massage oil. These will fade your tan!
  • Wait at least 24 hours to shave or wax as these can cause fading. If you must shave use a sharp new razor.
  • Moisturize your skin at least a minimum of once a day. However
  • DO NOT start moisturising until AFTER your first warm water rinse, this can streak your spray tan and cause it to develop unevenly!
  • DO NOT do any Exfoliating or any harsh salt scrubs within 7-10 days of getting a spray tan
  • DO NOT Exercise for approx. 24 hours after being sprayed. Sweating will cause the tan to streak/fade.
  • Remember if going in the Sun wear SPF. The spray tan DOES NOT contain sunscreen.
  • Anti-aging products that exfoliate or dry the skin also Accutane and Salicylic acids that can cause your tan to fade. Antibiotics and other medications that affect your skin can also affect your tan.
  • Toners containing alcohol or Witch Hazel in high amounts can affect your tan. Look at the ingredient list, if any alcohol is listed in the top three do not use it.
  • Depilatory hair removal products (Nair, Veet, etc.) should be completed 24hrs prior to your session.
  • Showers instead of baths will make your tan last longer.

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